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Welcome to Top Class Divas. It is our pleasure introducing you to a portfolio of independent high class escort ladies, primarily based in Czech Republic and Slovakia. You will find exclusive companions from almost all walks of life; some are professional models, secretaries and university students.

Many of them lead normal, busy lives, but have chosen to offer escort services to supplement their earnings. Common for them all is, that they are beautiful, sexy, open-minded and intelligent young women, who have taken on the challenge of making your time in their company both unforgettable and enchanting.

You will communicate directly with the companion of your choice – what you agree upon is entirely between you and the lady. It couldn‘t be more discreet and confidential. The companionship rates are determined entirely by each individual lady as are her services and conditions. Such is the true character of an independent high class escort lady, taking responsability herself of all matters concerning her escorting business.

If arranging an encounter with one of the independent high class ladies presented on Top Class Divas you will therefore meet a confident and professional young woman completely dedicated to give you a remarkable social and erotic experience. Your time together is certain to be both unforgettable and unique.

All the ladies are available for international travel and can in general meet you whereever you request it. They are of course also available for short or longer meetings in Prague and Bratislava – but please check each companion’s profile carefully as they have varying conditions regarding duration of international and local encounters.

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Independent Escorts vs. Agency Escorts

A summary of reasons you should book an independent escort — not an agency escort

Maybe you have asked yourself why go through the trouble communicating with more than a handful independent ladies to arrange your dreamdate if just one enquiry to an agency will do the trick? True, an agency will usually be able to offer a choise between several suitable high class escort ladies and the agency will take care of the availability question and only suggest you escort girls, that are supposedly available for the enquired time; but that is about the only advantages agencies has to offer and the downsides are considerable, as we shall shortly discover.

Hand on heart; how time consuming is it in this age of instant electronic communication to copy-paste a text and send almost identical introductory e-mails to 5 or even 10 independent escort ladies? The 5 minutes it requires will pay off handsomely as the replies come in and you will experience the luxury of choosing between several VIP escorts, who have already personally expressed their interest in meeting you.

After the intial inquiries begins a process — sometimes short, to other times a little longer — where you will exchange information back and forth directly with one or more young women in order to reach an agreement. During this process will you have the opportunity to get an impression of your potential date‘s personality and attitude — and she will have likewise regarding you. It will be possible to exchange compliments and point ofviews; providing the foundation for positive personal relations once your encounter materializes.

This is in almost complete contrast to the booking procedure an agency will try to impose on you. First of all, the typical agency will of course praise their portfolio of escort girls regardless of suitability, as the agency‘s only interest in the matter is the sales commision it will in turn receive from the escort girl. A closed deal is money in the bank for the agency — simple as that!

Furthermore — and this is the cruciall point — booking through an agency you will not be able to communicate directly with any girl. Only at the last minute before a scheduled meeting — if even then — will you be given the means to communicate directly with you favoured date. The agency staff will explain you that they are protecting the escort lady; preserving her anonymity or something along those lines. In reality the agency fears being cut out from the deal, if you are able to communicate directly with your favorite high class escort. You and the companion you have chosen could easily arrange things inbetween you without involving the agency staff and of course without paying the agency for its mediating role.

The agency owner knows that the abundant existence of communication means often makes the agency superfluous; therefore the only option is to restrict direct communication between the client and the service provider to a mere minimum. The mediator becomes unneccesary and even unwanted if he doesn ’t control and monopolize the information — and that‘s the main reason why you as a buyer of escort services are prevented from communicating directly with agency escort girls prior to the commencement of any encounter.

But retuming to the agency‘s primary strength; the portfolio of escort girls on offer: The portfolio gives the agancy a clear advantage over the independent escort girl when competing for the attention of potential clients; having more than one item on display for sale is obviously an advantage when vying for the costumers‘ attention and is the very reason why businesses like real estate brookerage and used-car sales exist.

What is however not so obvious to the untrained eye seeking an appontment with a high class escort, is that the impressive portfolios of agencies often are more apparant than real. The agency owner knows a large selection of beautiful young women will attract far more hopeful clients than a handful of average looking girls, so what is more obvious than propping up the shop window with a lot of good looking bodies and then try to sell whatever is actually on the shelves once the costumer has entered the shop?


Having ressearched hundreds of escort agency websites I can confidently state that it is very, very common for traditional escort agencies to supplement their portfolio with pictures of women the agency has no arrangements with — often pictures found somewhere on the internet and then simply copied to the agency‘s website. The pictures are usually posted with made-up biographies for non-existent escort girls. I cannot say that every agency does it, but I am on the other hand certain that sometimes entire portfolios of dozens or more young and beautiful models presented on the internet consist of nothing but fake profiles.

Again, we will have to contrast this situation with that of the independent escort: It is obvious that the independent escort woman only has one item to sell; the services she provides herself; and it is therefore pointless to try and pull clients into the shop by displaying some fake faces in the shop window. The independent escort cannot run a business based on selling something different than what she advertises for sale. You will therefore not see fake photos on an independent escort‘s website — at least it would be very unusual.

The fact that the independent escort lady is really an entrepreneur responsible for setting up and operating a small business also indicates something about her personality. Obvious she is self-reliant and in possesion of at least reasonable organisational skills and intelligence; the last being a quality highly valued by many escort clients. She will also be more motivated to deliver outstanding and personal service, as a core of regular clients is the best way to ensure a good and stable income. Clients only become regulars if they are satisfied.

The agency affiliated escort girl is in contrast much less likely to meet the same client more than once. The reason is, that the typical agency escort girl has signed up with several agencies — despite the agencies common claims to the contrary — and is therefore only loosely affiliated with a specific agancy. There is therefore little motivating the agency escort lady to attempt establishing closer relations with clients from just one agency. If an agency girl should attempt to build up a base of regular clients she woulds most likely try to cut out the various agencies she cooperate with and keep all the money for herself. Make‘s sense doesn‘t it?

The bottomline of course is that the agency affilited escort girl will be less motivated to build personal relations with her clients, which of course will be a huge disadvantage for the many clients seeking at least a minimum of personal relations with their high class escorts.

Speaking of motivation, it should be obvious the escorting industry is first and foremost motivated by the same as all other industries — money! The independent escort girl is motivated as much by money as is the agency affiliated escort girl. The difference is, that the independent escort girl gets to keep alt the money paid for her company, time and services, whereas the agency affiliated escort girl pays anywhere from 10% and up to 50% of her fee to the agency.

All things else being equal it means the escort client using an agency to mediate an appointment will be paying more for the same experience. Agency owners will of course deny this and claim their involvement add value to the deal. Except in special cases, where the client and the escort girl are unable to arrange a meeting by direct communication, this is however clearly not the case. The agency demand a commission ranging anywhere from 10% to 50% of the escort girl‘s fee for a mediating service that can easily be replaced by a few emails or SMS sent directly between the client and the service provider.

The conclusion is, that the independent VIP escort lady dollar for dollar and euro for euro provides better value than the agency affiliated escort lady simply due to the agency‘s parasitic mode of operation. If for no other reason, then this should be a compelling enough reason to always book an independent escort lady.

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